Why is a home lightning protection system so important?

The summer is that time of year where we are faced with lots of storms, often accompanied with impressive lightning spectacles. Even though it is a majestic natural wonder, it can often cause troubles.  Protecting your home against an impressive lightning strike could save your life, the lives of your beloved ones, your home, its contents and all the electrical components.

Unfortunately you cannot prevent a flash of lightning striking on your home. But what you can do is nullify or reduce the ruinous effects of a lightning strike by having a professionally installed lightning protection system in your home.

Lightning protection system

Lightning protection explained

The task a lightning protection system performs is very simple. It provides a path, created by specialists, on which a lightning strike can travel. If your home is armed with a lightning protection system, the damaging power of this lightning strike will be directed safely into the ground. This leaves your home, family members and personal belongings unharmed.

The lightning protection system consists of air terminals (rods), a conductor (cable), bonding with metallic bodies and ground electrodes (counterpoise cable or ground rods) designed to protect the building structure and its occupants.

Specialised installation

A correctly installed lightning protection system not only gives you and your family some peace of mind during storms, it also boosts the value of your home. For the best preservation of your home, it is important that the lightning protection system is installed by skilled, qualified lightning protection specialists. For quality assurance all materials and methods should comply with local building code regulations.

Be aware: Today many insurance companies will not insure your house without a functional lightning protection system. Installing lightning protection is something definitely worth considering!