New Amazon Green (03 - 23 - 43) IKO Shingles

Amazon Green Shingles

Bring your green roof to the next level:
new Amazon green with a more natural look.

IKO has launched a new green: “Amazon Green (03 - 23 - 43)” for its IKO Shingles.
This green meets so perfectly market trend demands.
This brand new color will be available in all roof shingle varieties as from the second half of 2017, starting as per July or August 2017.

Order samples of
the new Amazon green colour here.

Transition period

As a consequence the Forest Green (04 - 24 - 48) products will no longer be available in our range as from 2018.

Please note that some (04 - 24 - 48)-products in our range will be
out of stock sooner than others,
starting at the soonest July/August 2017.


This is our estimate in detail:

* This is an estimate.

Item            Item description               estimated date of out of sale* New item number New item description
70000004 Superglass 3T (04) F. Green    OUT OF STOCK 70000003 Superglass 3T (03) Amazon Green
70160304 Superglass Beaver (04)F. Green end of October 70160303 Superglass Beaver (03) Amazon Green
70010204 Armourglass (04) F. Green      OUT OF STOCK 70010203 Armourglass (03) Amazon Green
70040304 Victorian (04) F. Green        mid of October 70040303 Victorian (03) Amazon Green
70050204 Diamant (04) F. Green          OUT OF STOCK 70050203 Diamant (03) Amazon Green
70060224 Armourshield (24) F. Green U.  end of October 70060223 Armourshield (23) Amazon Green
70230604 Bibershield (04) F. Green      OUT OF STOCK 70230603 Bibershield (03) Amazon Green
70190204 Diamantshield (04) F. Green    OUT OF STOCK 70190203 Diamantshield (03) Amazon Green
70060624 Stormshield (24) FGreenUltra   OUT OF STOCK 70060623 Stormshield (23) Amazon Green
70090548 Cambridge Xpress (48) FOR GRN  OUT OF STOCK 70090543 Cambridge Xpress (43) Amazon Green 
70090648 Cambridge XT 9.5° (48) FOR GRN mid of October 70090643 Cambridge XT 9.5° (43) Amazon Green
72020204 Armourvalley (04) F.Green end of October 72020203 Armourvalley (03) Amazon Green

IKO is always looking for innovations to keep on setting the standard in the industry.

Following the ecological trend, people are not only looking for more ecological solutions, but also for natural colors in their building material choices.
The finishing granules on top of the IKO Shingles and the Armourvalley are the visible aspect of a shingles roof and reflect the individuality and style of the home owner.

To help you plan in this transition period,
we advise you to contact your IKO contact person or via contact

Top colour on hex form = New Amazon Green (23)

Bottom colour on rectangular form = Forest Green (04)


Order samples of
the new Amazon green colour here.