Comparison: Shingle roofs vs. cheap, thin metal roofs

These days, when looking in a DIY advertising newsletter, you can find a lot of cheap, thin, large painted metal panel sheets for roof covering at cheap prices. Knowing that pricing is a very important criterion for homeowners, a lot of people consider this material for the roof. But be aware, on the market there is a big difference in quality as well as in warranty conditions. This means that these low priced thin, large painted metal panel sheets are not necessarily a good buy.


Classic advertisement with an offer for cheap metal roofing >>

Let’s focus first on the fixing of these low priced, thin, large painted metal panel sheets to the roof construction and later on make the comparison between bitumen roof shingles and standard metal roof covering.

If you want to make sure your metal sheets roof stays waterproof, each and every year you will need to pay your roofer to check, tighten or even replace your screws. This is necessary to make sure that each and every screw from your roof will hold the metal tile in place and that EPDM washer will seal the penetration until your next roof check will be done. Usually screws are affected by high temperatures, metal & wood structure movements due to dilatation & contraction, due to wind or snow loads, pollution or natural ageing.

Unexposed nails or screws on your roof

The roof should be your home’s shield - protecting your life time investment as well your family - against bad weather and generally we don’t want to have exposed nails, screws or other fixing material on the roof surface. Every nail or screw must be covered or overlapped with a certain roofing material (shingles, ceramic tiles, concrete tiles, slate tiles or metal tiles).


The fact that a shingle roof doesn’t contain any exposed nails has many advantages. >>

Comparison visible screws on metal roofs and unexposed nails on shingle roofs

  Cheap, thin, large painted metal panel sheets Bitumen roof shingles
Long-term waterproofing through screws or nails X

Dilatation figures X

Soundproofing figures X

Warranty figures and periods X

Trimming, cutting and work with the material X

Walkable roof figures X

Wind resistance X

Hail resistance X

Prone to condensation X

Necessary accessories for hips and ridges X

Low slope application

Lightweight material

Speed of installation

Necessary roof deck



Roof shingles, the best solution for your roof

If you want a safe roofing material for your roof, bitumen shingles are the best choice. One of the big advantages of roof shingles is a high wind resistance. European IKO self-adhesive shingle ArmourShield was tested in a wind tunnel where they resisted winds up to 220 km/h. Many metal roofs would fail in these critical conditions.


Damaged metal roof after huge wind storm in Germany in 2017 >>

For low slope roofs you can install cheap, thin, large painted metal panel sheets fixed with many exposed screws. But a much better solution would be to install a premium roof shingles from IKO, especially the European Cambridge Xpress and Cambridge Xtreme 9,5°. They both come with a 3D dimensional look with imitation of wood shakes or natural slate. The core of IKO roof shingles is a fiberglass mat.


Fiberglass based for best performance!

Fiberglass material is a tough and very resilient material that is non-porous and does not change shape. Therefore, fiberglass shingles are less prone to shattering when exposed to extreme winds, cold weather, or when walked on. Fiberglass shingles are also eco-friendly. Fiberglass and other asphalt products are recyclable.

Another great thing about fiberglass shingles is that they are available in a wide selection of designs and textures. This gives homeowners a lot to choose from when designing, constructing or renovating their homes. IKO fiberglass shingles will give homes a more unique appearance, resembling the expensive slate and cedar roofing materials at a better price. 

For homeowners who are concerned about the long term value of their home, manufacturers of fiberglass shingles like IKO often provide good warranties for their products. This protects your roof from snow, hail, and ice. 


!!! Conclusion: an extended warranty, no exposed nails, high quality materials, an interesting price level and the different aesthetics make fiberglass shingles a worthy investment for an average homeowner.